The need of  calculating the indexes which describes the effectiveness of outdoor advertisment arises during the planning of advertising campaign.
  The companies who plan the advertising campaign often turn to professional organizations and order to calculate certain indexes for some surfaces. Such data help in making a choice and give an ability to optimize the budget for advertising campaign.
  In the shown indexes, that may be useful for visitors to plan their advertising campaigns, are given by the administration. It is based on the survey and the results of the calculations and they are performed as follows:
  For calculating of OTS (visual contacts per day) index the field surveys are done in the given address. During 3 various hours of working day with the five-minute sector are calculated the intensity of traffic and the flow of the pedestrian in that place. The results are summarized for one day. Considering the car as one and a half, and the pedestrian as one visual contact the OTS index is shown.
  CPT (cost per thousand visual contact) is calculated as follows. The monthly rental rate of the given area is divided into 30 for getting the value of one day, then that number is divided into the number of daily visual contacts (OTS) and is multiplied by 1000. This is CPT index.
  In case of the advertisment for Prizmatron, Skroller and LED screen the above indexes are presented through advertising poster or video.

Preferably addresses

Preferably addresses

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