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We present a new platform for the outdoor advertising market: Here is the detailed information of the surfaces for the external advertisement in Armenia.
The aim of this project is to present all the outdoor advertising market in one field which gives you a chance to plan the external advertisement, to creat such Address plan that will help deliver the information to the target groups.
Pointing a few important points refering to your advertising campaign in the website, you will be presented all free surfaces corresponding to your written standards. The list of surfaces is presented on the map with the signs showing the location. In any surfaces' page you can see detailed information about the present surface: photo of the surface, address, type, size, price and the characteristics OTS emphasizing its effectiveness (visual contacts number per day) and CPT (cost of every 1000 contact), as well as the deployment location shown on the map and the name of the organization who provides the surface. The prices of the recommended surfaces are given by the operator who offers, and by discount program(which they present) automatically calculates discounts for the selected surfaces. Having such extensive information you can choose the surfaces matching to your needs and budget. Using the site you save your time which will spend on meetings, analysis and making a lot of phone calls about the free surfaces. Registering for free you get a virtual office where you can plan your outdoor advertising campaign using surfaces offered by various operators, order your Email plan by one application and follow to the advertising market. Using site's features, planning right the outdoor advertising campaign you will feel its advantages and efficiencies that will help to your business progress.

Preferably addresses

Preferably addresses

In this section you can mark the coordinates of interested addresses on the map.

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