Benefits of Outdoor

  1. The involvment of large crowd of public. If the advertisment is made with quality, taste and unique way, it will find its consumer.
  2. Multiple Meetings. This means that the majority see the outdoor advertisements not one, but several times. It is positive side because the often meeting of outdoor advertisment affects on the subconsciousness.
  3. Harmonious combination with other types of advertisment. The effectiveness of outdoor advertisment increases several times in case of combined advertising campaign.
  4. The possibility of involving middle class. For the majority of organizations the most desirable part of public is the 30-40 year old working people who don't have time to watch TV or read the magazine, but they spend a lot of time in the car or transport, so they deal with outdoor advertisment.
  5. Not irritating. If the advertisment generates a desire to turn off the sound on TV, to turn on the player on the radio, to change the page of the magazine, then this problem don't arise in the street. Outdoor advertising is not irritating, even sometimes it gives aesthetic pleasure and serves as an ornament for the city.

Preferably addresses

Preferably addresses

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